x-factor no more.

when i was new and fresh in the world of blogging, i used to enjoy reading other people’s blogs tremondously. i read without judgements and without pressure, reading purely for pleasure and curiousity’s sakes.

however, as i stayed longer in the world of blogging, straying further and deeper, i’ve gotten to know many of the faces behind these various blogs, even have build up varying degrees of friendships with these bloggers.

although i am thankful for these relationships that i’ve cultivated in this circle of friends, i can’t say that it has been all gains and no loss. as i ploughed through many blogs today, i realised that i’ve lost the desire to read many of them. they no longer excite me as they used to.

did meeting the real person behind these words make them lose their x-factor?

or was it the loss of the air of mystery that makes it so much less exciting?

it wasn’t as though the blogs became less interesting. it was just that reading some of these blogs became so tiring.

because once you know the person behind the blog and is involved some way or another in his/her life, nothing is simple anymore. you can’t read the blog in a detached manner, like it isn’t any part of your business.

i’m talking about 100% detachment.

it has lost the fun element.

the easiest way to understand this would be through the example of gossiping. imagine you’ve heard a rumour about so-and-so, whom you do not know at all. it’s easy to share this piece of juicy gossip with your friend, spicing up your conversation. but what if you are acquainted with this so-and-so person, you probably wouldn’t feel very good about gossiping about this person, and most probably, would not get involved to sabotage this person’s reputation.

it boils down all to a matter of your level of involvement with the other person.

now, who understands what i’m talking about?


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