brokeback mountain – singapore version.

the latest, hottest and most juicy news of singapore blogmisphere now is the coming out of two young gay boys, colin and kero.

barely 21, these boys have bravely came out of their closets to the whole world via a lovers’ blog that they jointly contribute to. in this blog, they write about their daily lives, their views of homosexuality and most importantly, their explicit feelings towards each other. as a result, this blog has seen high volumes of traffic and generated much controversy amongst its readers. reactions from readers greatly differed from displaying strong support and encouragement to these boys to expressing great disapproval of their actions. in the midst of such mixed reactions, these boys continue to blog on.


my take?

these boys are barely 18, what do they know about homosexuality? don’t give me that bullshit about how love should be free, how instinctive homosexuals are about their sexual preferences. these boys are barely out of the schoolroom and are still dependent on their parents. do they know the repercussions of their actions now?

they might think it’s a heroic action now, to stand out and declare themselves to be homosexual. it’s a romantic notion, the “us against the world” idea, but do these boys realise that such “romantic” notions die along with time as we age and grow into adulthood? such is our world.

i do not have advice for these boys. i only have questions. questions that they need not answer to me, to society or even to their parents. they only need to be able to answer it to themselves honestly.

1. how can you be sure that you are truly homosexual? in teenage years, it is very common to have crushes on someone of the same gender and these crushes normally seemed like love at that point in time. 

2. have you truly thought about the repercussions of your public coming out? have you thought about how it will affect your futures, in both your working and family life? it’s easy to disregard the world when you don’t depend on it to make a living, but what happens when you do? we might not be the most conservative country around here, but we are indeed still a long way off from being liberal and open minded. homosexuality is still not widely accepted as a norm, if you didn’t realise.

3. are you ready to face all consequences and bear the blunt of it all? to face up to the possibility of rejection at every turn in your career path? i agree that love is great but it does not put food in your stomach.

if you are able to answer these questions with conviction and absolute belief, then i congratulate you sincerely for finding your other half and applause you for your courage to stand up for what you are.

but if you have the smallest hint of doubt nagging at you, i suggest you take a step back to think about what you have done and what you might do to remedy this situation.


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