of work, work, work, work

i’m dying.


it has been a mad house at work recently and it seems like we’re taking on more than we can handle. to make matters worse, one of my colleagues AD has been sick and now, she’s infecting me and another of our colleague.

although i’m not feeling well, i can’t take mc…i can’t allow myself to fall very sick because the workload is increasing at such an exponential speed that it’s impossible to catch up. nonetheless, i’m going to try my best…or die trying, whichever comes first. haha.

everyone pray for me that i don’t fall sick!  =(


to suzsays:

i’m no expert on wordpress and is new to it as well. i’ll tell you what i know and hope it will help. the steps are as below.

1. you’ve got to host your image on picture hosting website. this is NOT the wordpress website, it is another website that allow you to “save” your image on their website, something like an online harddisk. the one i’m using now is photobucket.com. it’s a free website, but comes with limited space for your images.

2. after uploading your image to the picture hosting website, urls tags will be generated automatically for you by these websites. take note of this url tags.

3. in your wordpress, go to “insert image” on the formatting bar while u’re in the ‘write post” screen. copy and paste the url tag mentioned in step 2 to the url address in the insert image box.

4. picture will be displayed exactly like your original size.

hope this helps!


One thought on “of work, work, work, work

  1. *prays that missy wun get sick if not no more dbl o for her* haha u better take care..

    to suzsays, try flickr,another free hosting for photos

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