for no want of a better saturday…

after spending the early half of my saturday recuperating from friday’s activities, i was fully prepared to stay at home and snuggle up with my computer and idiot box. however, things were not meant to be and plans made were to be changed!

instead of nuaing (generally means doing nothing at all), i met up with gracey and km for dinner and a movie. we had wanted to watch this movie.

Take the lead

despite 8days giving it only 2.5 stars (and giving The Hils Have Eyes 3 stars),i think it was wayyyyy better than what they credit it for. or maybe the reviews at 8days just aint suckers for dance-themed movies like me.

Antonio Banderas was hot, hot, hot! he has this electrifying and intense look that makes you think he can see right through you. ooooooooooooh. sexy. besides this sexy devil, the sensual dance moves also kept the movie heated throughout. dancing, i like!

the movie activated my itchy feet to go dancing again and coupled with 2 groups of friends that jio-ed me down to dbl o and o bar respectively, i succumbed to the temptation and went forth to mhd sultan.

12.30am – reaching the club, the quene for dbl o was soooo freaking long (retro night what…hahaha), i decided to hit o bar for some RnB grooves first before going up to dbl o later. Oh, before i forgot, i met alyvn and friends (yen and dave, i think) there too.

1.30am – time to head up to dbl o for some retro fun! all was lost once i hit the dance floor with my long-time dbl o kakis. the night was spent dancing away to awesome retro tracks until the lights came on.

4.30am – with alcohol pumping through our veins, we were not yet ready to go home and so, we did what anyone else would do which is to go for supper! i was so exhausted i barely touched my prata while dear brother mr. m and jr were talking away. ready to admit defeat to the Z monster, we finally crawled home at 5am.

my habit to bathe after i reach home is really not helping and it is also the reason why i am blogging at such weird hours. my hair is wet, my mind has shutdown, but i still can’t sleep because i am so fucking refreshed after the shower.

what the hell.

but yay, i like the movie! what a good saturday!


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