was it a good friday?

despite sleeping at an ungodly hour of 4am yesterday, i managed to drag myself out of bed at 8.30am this morning (gracey had to give me a morning call, of course! thanks dear!) to meet km, nad, jaschoc and gracey for breakfast at east coast park. yea, you’ve heard right. to have a macdonalds breakfast, i had to go down all the way to the east. i guess it wasn’t the breakfast, it was the company that made my effort worthwhile.

after a sinful breakfast of macdonald’s breakfast, km and nad embarked on the mission of orientating gracey on how to blade. i had wanted to try my hand (or legs, in this case?) at it too but after my “flight” which results in numerous injuries, i decided to push my coming-out to a later date. while the trio was off blading, jaschoc and i decided to chill and read while waiting for them. other than the magazine, i didn’t managed to read my book at all! i was busy being stonic and people/dog-watching.

after ecp, we headed to km’s house for a bout of mahjong! the deathmatch involved gracey, me, jas and km. nad was busy being my first-aider, helping me to rub my bruises. thank you sweetie! after playing one round, i won a grand total of…………………….$1.80.

haha! luck’s lousy.

after relieving our itchy hands, me and gracey headed down to meet some of her friends for our after-dark activity. needless to say, we went to eat, drink, sing and make merry!

i actually have some thoughts that i had wanted to put into words, but somehow, words does not come easily at this time at night. i need to put my thoughts in order.

it was a good friday, in my humble opinion.


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