the day i flew down the staircase

okay, flying might be a little over-doing it.

i shall tell the story here, once and for all, so that i don’t have to keep repeating what happened to me. here goes.

on tuesday, when i was about to rush out of office to go for a meeting, i think i missed the first step on the staircase on the third floor. as not many people know, my office is actually situated on the third floor in a shop-house setting and so, the staircase from my office will lead down all the way to the first floor.

since i missed the first step right on top, i tumbled all the way down, face forward.

actually, while i was tumbling, i could actually think about it in a detached manner! my thought then, was to protect my face. yes, i give a new meaning to vain.

after tumbling for about an eternity (okay, it was actually about 30 seconds in reality), i ended up in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. mayhap it was the shock or the impact of the fall, i blacked out for a few minutes. my colleagues, who were gathering all around me, did not dare to move me for fear of broken bones.

i came to quickly and moved slowly into an upright sitting position. when assured that all my bones were intact, my other injuries started to inflict pain on me. i knocked my calf bone against the steps, so there was a big swelling there. i scraped both my legs. i twisted one of my ankles slightly and my body and arms suffered numerous bruises.

i’m blue-black-ed all over now. so ugly!

at least my face’s intact. yay!


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