of v for vendetta

i’ve finally watched the v for vendetta.

initially, i thought it was going to be a dry and heavily laden political show, somewhat like a documentary. to my surprise, it turn out to be everything…not.

the show depicted uk being ruled by a communist-like political party. this party played on citizens’ fears of diseases and wars to gain their absolute obedience. under the cruel ruling party, its citizens cowered and continued to live their mundane lives, closing their eyes, minds and hearts to their environment, to their feelings.

only one man had dared to think freely, to embrace ideas that he deemed to be worthy. he undertook a mission, an ambitious and seemingly-unachievable mission – to wake all of his fellow countrymen up. he wanted his fellow countrymen to think for themselves, to decide for themselves their fates and not to live in fear of their government.

to accomplish his mission, he sacrificed his identity, his life and his love.

truth to speak, i’m really quite moved by the storyline. no, not by the love story that the scriptwriters had painstakingly woven into the plot. i’m moved by the fact that the hero in the show did not try to take credit for his mission. the hero had no name. he had no face. he had no identity.

all he wanted, was to be seen as an idea. he said “that the man might die, but the idea will live on”. it was a truly un-selfish act.

how many of us can claim to be like him? to claim that whatever we are doing is for a greater good, and that there are absolutely no selfish ulterior motives behind.

i can’t say that. it will be a lie.

for heaven’s sake,if you haven’t watched it, try your best to find it. it’s truly worth 160minutes of your time.


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