of campus superstar 2006

oh my god, these kids really can sing!

initially, i had dismissed the whole programme, thinking that it was channel u’s way of squeezing the superstar fad to its maximum so i didn’t bother to watch until i was forced to do it one day while i was at home and my aunt had to absolutely watch it or she will faint.

so i watched.

and watched i did!

im impressed by these kids. barely out of their teens, these kids can carry a tune that will put any adult to shame! omigosh.

i was particularly rooting for two of the contestants, adriano and cheeyang. yes, i do have a thing for supporting underdogs and they were underdogs at first!

plus they were cute. geeky, nerdy kind of cute. i like. hurhur.

if i’m not mistaken, both made it quite far, adriano was forth-last to be eliminated in the boys category and as far as i’m concerned, he lost out in the looks department compared to the other boys who were the classic cute type. the type that young girls swoon over. yucks.

not to be disappointed, cheeyang went on to clinch the champion title for campus superstar with his absolutely electrifying duet with xinhui (which electrocuted me as well, i was swooning) and ended off on a grand note with his soulful rendition of some very difficult song with high pitches (can’t remember the song title now).

hey, you record companies, hurry produce an album for him…..i’ll definitely buy a copy. that’s high praise from me, if you don’t know it yet. hurrrrryy!!


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