the one about feeling younger

just got home at six in the morning. it has been a long time since i’ve had wild fun like this.

surprising, i still feel energetic inspite of the early hours that i’m keeping! does that mean that i’m getting younger? yay!

there have been many issues on my mind that i’ve wanted to write about, but sadly, i’ve had no time to think through most of them. i do need to think through my blog entries before i write, if not, those posts will make absolute-ly no sense..

devils is definitely fun on a friday. i’m sold. dbl o, u suck! (on fridays only) i havent been to any clubs that have beaten dbl o on a saturday. call me old fashioned, but the latest, most happening club, mos is not my cup of tea.

since it’s such an ungodly hour now and all my brain cells have gone into the hibernate mode, i shall blog about something brainless and absolutely bimbotic.

last week (or was it two weeks ago, i can’t remember), i had a strange dream. in the dream, i was at some club with a particular barfly. mind you, this barfly was someone i’m definitely not close to. not even remotely. but somehow or other, i was clubbing with him and was supposedly having the time of my life.

the next scene i remembered in my dream was when we were walking in some dark alley (supposedly en route to going home) when we turned into a corner. the most disgusting thing was, we were actually walking hand in hand. eeww..

anyway, that wasn’t even the worst part.

as we turned into the dark corner (it was a right turn in my dream), someone from the dark corner jumped up and grabbed me. he was a big black shape. he lifted me from the ground…and took off.

it was at this moment, i awoke. screaming.


this dream is so ridiculous that i didn’t know where to start.

okay, clubbing with barflies i can understand. but with this particular barfly, i can’t begin to understand why i was clubbing with him.

secondly, why am i walking anywhere with him hand in hand!?!? i swear, i havent even exchanged 20 sentences with him! just to add for anyone’s benefit, i certainly do not have a crush on him.

thirdly, why was i grabbed?!

stupid dream. luckily they say that dreams are opposites of reality, so i guess i will not club with this barfly ever, i will not go anywhere with him ever, and i will not get grabbed by big black shapes ever.


i should probably start writing a list of stuff that i’ve wanted to blog about because i realised that i’m starting to forget all of it.

now, that’s a thought.


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