it’s just a matter of trust

i posted this question to a friend of mine moments ago.

upon 1-10, how much do you trust me? (0-none, 10-absolute)

guess how much he rated me?

a whooppinggg 9. i’m so flattered. thank you.


the last week flew by so quickly, i could hardly remember what i did. i only recalled 2 of my weekday night. on one weekday night, i spent it in some relatively sleazy ktv pub, drinking with my ex-colleagues and their friends. i even learnt how to play american poker finally! yay! another night was thursday night, where i was at the old-usual hangout, wala wala.

haven’t been there for some time. the crowd hasn’t changed and neither had the music. it was quite good seeing some familiar-yet-distant faces again. but i think, the band and the hoegarden attracted me more.

somehow or rather, i’m not really in the mood to blog. tonight i can’t seem to capture my own mood. it’s floating away somewhere. i don’t really know what i’m thinking about or how i’m feeling.

something’s bothering me. i just can’t figure out what is it yet. once i’m in-tune with myself again, i will be able to know more.


i finally caught up with some of my other hallmates tonight, xj and jas. initially, i thought the meet-up might be awkward as we were never very close in our hall-days. however, i soon realise that it was quite fun to just catch up, to talk about our old days…and to dream about our futures.

and all was done over japanese food! yay! yummy!


regarding work, this industry is just so fucked up. i’m not sure if i can survive in here. even if i can, i’m quite afraid that i’ll become one of them (heaven forbid!).

nb lah.


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