of the green room party

i had been invited to the heineken green room party by one of my friends. it was held at the helipad at harbourfront and frankly, i thought it fell short of my expectations. the setup was not very impressive and the atmosphere was just not energizing enough. but that being that, the crowd was pretty good though.

i didn’t stay long as i had to join my friends at a club, so i didn’t get to hear gang starr spin….!!!


at the club

i hit the club at twelve plus and went for the bar straight. what was clubbing without alcohol? besides the group i was with, i met lps with her friends too.

both of us were getting drinks at bar when another familiar face appeared right behind us. guess who??

it was uncle wong! hahahaha.. he was here with his friends as well, which was a surprise as i thought he was going to be at zouk. with uncle wong around, it was booze and five-ten again… scary! *lol*

the whole night was spent going around to different groups of friends catching up and didn’t really dance alot..maybe just for an hour. but frankly speaking, i was so tired that dancing seemed to be abit of a chore!

i’m getting old! *wailssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss*


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