of arsenal and liverpool (part 2)

yay… arsenal won!!! 2-1!!!!

take that, you liverpool people. muahahahahhaha *evil laughter*

anyway, i’m feeling pretty lighthearted right now. just came back from a ktv thing with my ex-co where i think i spent more time drinking and playing five ten than singing.

i didn’t go there to drink anyway. i went there to accompany a ex-co (also a friend). he just broke up with his gf…poor boy. i think this period is really hard to get over…and he really needs people to keep him company right now.

i can still remember that i was in his state not too long ago…although circumstances were not quite the same.. but what we felt were mayhap a little similar..

what he needs now..is not someone to tell him what to do….

he needs someone to listen to him….although he might be saying the same things over and over again. he needs someone to be around him. to talk crap..to drink..to smoke.. to just waste time together. to keep him from being alone.

being a friend, i will definitely do all i can.. to the best i can to help him through this period… cos once it’s over.. he will be able to stand on his own again!

gogogo… i’ll pray for you my friend! and i will try to see you through to the end… because i was blessed with friends who kept me company when i was at the same phrase..

lps..uncle wong…gracey…vanna…nad…

thank you.

and now it’s my turn to pass this blessing on.

i might not have the correct things to say….i might not be the wisest around.

but i know my ear’s always ready..and my tissues are on hand. i will stretch out my hand to grab you….if you allow me to.

be strong my friend! we can get through this together!


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