of uncles and wines.

yay! today’s a good day…

meeting up with the “uncle” and ps can be one of the most fun things to do!

“uncle” brought us to this realllllllllly good japanese restaurant that serves reallllyyyy good chawanmushi. absolutely fantastic. nothing comes near! i think this is one of the best japanese restaurant i’ve been too. even the deco and waitresses wins other places hands down.

i’m addicted to the chawanmushi there. hurhurhur!



after dinner, it was drinking time! no surprise, after all, i was out with “uncle”! we decided to forgo our usual watering holes and decided to go upscale – wine. i’m not a big fan of wine, but whatever “uncle” says i usually won’t contradict.

the place (some well-hidden but relatively well-known place) was packed but luckily we managed to get a table..bottles were opened, wine glasses were filled, smoking started and our nonsense chattering began.

i always feel relaxed after going out with them. somehow, i feel that i can be myself. i need not fear judgement nor second guess what their intentions are.

happy night… light-hearted. even if it’s for a night, it feels so bloody good. yay!

*jumps around in glee* hee hee.


long-awaited friday! but i have to attend a course on saturday. bloody hell, burn my sat and still don’t give me time off. nb.


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