i feel like i’m living in a limbo state.

i can’t feel my existance…i’m living but i’m not. it seems as though i’m just going through the motions of life everday, but not really living my life.

limbo state.

and stop asking me what’s wrong already. i would have told you the first time you asked if i wanted to. if not, get off my back.

you can’t help anyway.

i know who are the ones who care sincerely and who are the ones who do not, but it’s just that i choose not to acknowledge and act upon that knowledge.

yes, so stop trying to be kaypoh. if you really want to help, you can start first by not asking so many questions which i don’t want to answer.


i used to think that wisdom came with age. apparently not. some of the people i know are acting so bloody stupid that i can’t stand it. stop that bullshit. you piece of childish-kokanathan-piece-of-shit.

if you want to mess around, do it far away from me and my friends so at least i don’t have to endure the knowledge of your foolish actions. ignorance is bliss in this case.


i feel drained. JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP. i don’t want to talk. if you want to help, just drink.


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