breathe, rewind, restart.

for the benefit of my friends who can’t view/understand chinese characters, strange words in the previous entry roughly translate into…

if you have the guts to play with fire, you must be prepared for the possibility of getting burnt.

i played. i got burnt.

that’s all.


enough of the emo stuff, let’s get back to the mundane life again.

it’s only the third day at work in my new workplace and things are surely starting to heat up. i realise that in this industry, datelines are defined by hours and not by days.

i’m over-utilising my eye and brain power… and now, i’m paying the price with a headache that won’t go away.

if this is the honeymoon period, i can’t imagine what life will be after that.

no-brainer work -> i complain.

overly challenging work -> i also complain.

some people are just hard to please.

and i’m one of them. muahaha.

another day at work tomorrow… what would tomorrow bring?

hopefully not crazy assignments with super tight datelines again.

but seriously, despite the time constraints, anxiety and headaches, i think i might learn to like what i’m doing. i must.

because only when you like what you do can you then do it better. and better.

i hope lah.

goodnights and to a better tomorrow!


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