countdown to day zero – day #5

four more days left. four more remaining days in this familiar environment where i’ve build much friendships over the last few months.

everytime a fellow colleague asks me when’s my last day…where are you going or why are you leaving, i can feel my heart lurching just a little.

everyone says that work is just work and everyone’s gotta move on sometime. you can’t be tied down just because of relationships.


as i’m faced with more and more questions from my colleagues, more doubts begin to be raised in my head. i’m growing ever more fearful of regretting my decision. more importantly, the extend of sorrow i feel is deepening. sorrow because i’m leaving my fellow work mates who have wonderful all the way.

i keep trying to convince myself that this is the correct step and that i must not let my emotions rule my head. logic should. commonsense should. it is the right thing to do. it must be the right thing to do.

it must……it must….

god, help me.


he’s damn bloody late for work today. i thought he wasn’t coming…until i saw him at his table. i really must stop my mind from wandering and focus on work.

focus missy! focus!


damn women and their tears. damn pisces and their water signs.


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