happy chinese new year

first things first, happy chinese new year everybody! hope all of you (especially the single ones) received many many ang pows and the married ones did not bleed too much in the pockets.


it’s 5.30am in the morning now on the second day of chinese new year. too many things happened between the last time i blogged and today, so i shall just recap on the more significant events that happened since then for my own benefit…in case i ever forget them.

recently, i’ve been pubbing alot with my colleagues..and ktv pubs were the order of the day. fun factor was not too bad, with the only minus point of being the only girl (most of the time). you would have thought that being the only girl meant that she will be treated like a princess.

you are so damn bloody wrong.

because they treat me like their “brother”! that means that they see me as one of the boys (i think)…and would tease me without mercy most of the time. tmd.

but then again, i think i might really prefer being treated as one of them… it’s more fun that way because we can check out girls together and engage in their men’s talk. muahaha. in this way, i also can learn more about how men think and act.

one particular incident i recall, which only happened last friday would be the time when A got super drunk. we were playing five-ten and all the guys decided to sabo me by conspiring with each other so that i would keep losing and hence, keep drinking. but haha, their evil plot was overturned and instead, i got A to keep drinking. i thought he could hold his own.

who knows…

after don’t-know-how-many-rounds, he collapsed. dead drunk and slept in the pub. bloody hell. it was only beer can?! we didn’t even mix.

but in his defense, he really had to drink quite abit…and in a relatively short period of time too. poor boy.

anyway, being the concerned colleague, we made sure that he was adequately covered while he was asleep and also sent him safely home. he promptly woke up after he reached home shortly.

i know it sounds a little evil, but i was really quite amused after the whole incident. a side of him i never expected to see. muahaha.


this chinese new year season, my parents and sister went back to malaysia so i was left with my extended family. it was a relatively quiet affair by my standards because i’m used to big celebrations with tons of people at my house. sigh.


as mentioned earlier, it’s 5.30am now and i’ve just returned from ministry of sound. i went there with uncle wong, lps, lps’s cousins and friends. although the club wasn’t fantastic (much too crowded and music was not good), the company was extremely entertaining. i definitely had fun…which explains why it lasted until 5 in the morning.

there are two people whom i especially want to mention. uncle wong and lps.

uncle wong isn’t really an uncle. it’s just an endearment which we bestowed upon him. he has a slightly gruff exterior but beneath it all, he’s really a bloody gentleman and most importantly, he’s a damn good drinking partner! yay!

lps is one friend that i’ve made in my present company. ever since i stepped into the co., she has shown me the ropes and guided me along the way. now that we’re supposedly partners, we have been able to get along very well with each other. none of that backstabbing bullshit. i think i’ve been blessed with such a fantastic colleague. thank you, god.

i’m really feeling quite reluctant to take my next step, which some of you might have knowledge of. reluctant because i’ve been blessed with such good working partners…reluctant because i have a boss with good intentions towards her staff. i might complain and grumble about work occassionally but seriously, the people is the one important factor causing my reluctance.

i’m not sure if i’m writing sense since i’m feeling bloody sleepy but…

i love you all. you might not know who you are… but i do.



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