the wedding across the causeway

another back-dated but significant entry.


many thanks to caleb for the invitation to his wedding ceremony!


on a fateful friday morning, a group of us set off to jb for a long weekend of shopping, relaxation and most importantly, celebrating one of the most sigificant events of caleb – his wedding.

the first thing we did once we arrived at jb…was to satisfy our hunger pangs at city square at seasons cafe. their fish and chips portion is exceedingly huge but i found it rather lacking in texture and taste when compared to our fish and co. we actually took pictures of all our food, but i haven’t received any pictures taken during that weekend. so people reading this, please send me if you have any!

being true blue singaporeans, the activity after eating is definitely going to be….

shopping, lah! what else?!

being a shoe freak + seeing the vincci store in jb = shoe shopping spree!!!

i bought yet another pair of heels… although i have 3-4 completely new pairs. shit, lah. how?! one day, i shall dedicate an entry to my collection of shoes. blah.

after spending what seemed like an eternity at vincci, we finally moved on to the next destination on our itnerary – the resort!

the rooms at the resort is at least as huge as a tennis court (i’m not kidding). it fits in not one, but two king sized beds and still looks empty. furthermore, our room had a high ceiling as we were on the top floor…which makes it look even bigger. if only singapore hotel rooms were one quarter as large, missy would be a happy girl.

friday night was stag night for caleb and the party was set in one of the ktv rooms in the resort itself. as with all stag nights, it was drinks, sabotage and making the arrangements for the all-important day on saturday.


the church wedding was held on saturday morning and it was beautiful, touching even. although there were some realllllllllly minor hiccups (i thought) but it was such a moving scene.

two people were committing themselves to each other, to a life together through thick and thin, in health and sickness.

my tear ducts were into a slight overdrive.

the smiles radiated from both the bride and groom were filled with warmth, anticipation and love. awwwww… even we could feel their happiness.

right after the ceremony, we proceed to their house for reception and that was where we examined their wedding photographs!

creative, innovative and extremely well done is what i would say.


saturday night, the night of the wedding dinner.

glam glam glam.

everyone was dressed up to the nines, babe and hunk galore!


to caleb:

i wish you a love full of love and happiness with your bride!


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