welcoming 2006

i realised that all my blog entries are backlogged and here i am, blogging about new year eve two weeks after it had occured. slow is an understatement.


new year eve 2006

the place decided upon was singapore’s all time favourite nightspot, zouk. we entered through velvet and stayed there almost throughout the entire time because the crowd was crazy at main zouk. i didn’t really dance…but spent most of my time drinking and talking at the bar with the girls.

i realise that people, when clubbing, adopt a much more friendly attitude because we actually striked up conversations with different groups of strangers and actually had fun in the process!

but trying to take a cab home that night was a nightmare though.


new year day

i think….i dragged myself up really early to eat a dim sum lunch with the girls at some hotel near city hall. once again, i can’t remember what hotel it was, except that the dim sum was really quite good.

har gou, char siew bao, char siew so, siew mai…

yummy. what a good meal to kickstart the year with! i think we didn’t take pictures of the food. what a pity! more dim sum! more more!

i also think we caught a movie in the evening… but i can’t seem to recall what movie we watched! i think my memory is failing me. age must be catching up.

it was a fun first day of the year though.


i think i’m turning into a movie and ktv freak. i’ve been watching at least one movie every week and for the past week, i’ve been to 3-4 ktv pubs. i could even give you a top ten hit songs of ktv pubs!


recently, one question has been boggling my mind to no end and it will be now that i post this question to you.

does qualifications play a significant role in two people getting together?

i had this conversation over dinner with a friend. she remarked that if the guy had lower qualifications than the girl, he would most probably feel pressured and inferior, lowering the chances of the relationship working out.

is this really true even when the girl does not mind?

higher qualifications does not mean that a person will be successful although it does provide some sort of headstart in a career. just take a look around, many top-notch business men do not even have ‘O’ levels qualifications!

what do you think? do let me know… i need to untangle myself from this question and would love to know your opinions, especially older guys above the age of 26.

food for thought.


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