of memes and i

sometime ago, i’ve been arrowed to do a meme from sun-shin-3…which has failed to appear until this point in time.

so, here it is now. it’s always better to be late than never, right?


five weird things about me.

1. i like to switch on the tv even though i’m not watching it, just for the noise, when i’m alone at home.

2. i sit in the dark and blast music very loudly whenever i’m not feeling good.

3. when i sleep, i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to have a bolster or something to hug. if not, i’ll take ages to fall asleep.

4. i like my blog postings to be in all lower case letters. don’t ask me why. i have no idea either. maybe it just looks better.

5. i like reading about the lives of absolute strangers via their blogs. innate kaypoh-ness lies within me.


or not?


3 thoughts on “of memes and i

  1. that time when I was doing voluntary work at IMH, those people there also like that one…


    not wierd, not wierd…. wahahahahahha…

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