christmas 2005

christmas and new year day came and went.

how did you spend yours? was it a romantic date with your loved one? or was it spent in quietly at home peacefully?

in whichever way was it that you chose, i hope you had a memorable christmas and new year. happy new year.


24th december 2004

it was christmas eve. the day where we celebrate the coming of christmas day.

on this day, i had a christmas dinner date with three very dear girls at jack’s place. it wasn’t a fancy place. hell, it didn’t even have good service! food was passable though.

but it didn’t matter. what matters was the company that i was in. the company made up for everything that was lacking.

from these sweet girls, i received very thoughtful presents. presents that i knew were chosen with me in mind…and vice versa.

and though this might come a little late…thank you girls. i really loved those presents!

after dinner, the initial plan was to proceed to lash for drinks but plans were made to be changed! we diverted to the club, one instead.

seriously. the club was horrible. bad music, lousy crowd.

things were certainly not going well for us.

after a rather bland experience at the club, we decided to seek more excitement. that was……………………………..

to watch *ahem* rather graphic films at a sweetie’s house. the films were sooooo boring. i wonder what men see in them?!

all in all, things did not go smoothly on that night but despite all the screw-ups, i still enjoyed that night very much. the company of these girls made everything better.

and christmas is about spending time with the ones you love.

i certainly achieved that. no doubts on that one.


as we walked along the streets on christmas eve, we saw many couples walking hand in hand, laughing and smiling joyfully at their whispered nothings.

it brought back memories…past long-time memories which filled my head with countless images, like a silent movie playing itself in my mind. i felt a little constriction in my throat and heart but i knew it doesn’t hurt so much anymore. how could it after so long?

it has been years and although i do not believe in the saying that time heals everything, i do believe that time will make people forget.

i’ve forgotten how painful it was, i’ve forgotten how much confusion there was. i’ve also forgotten how to love someone in that way, with total abandon and wholeheartedly.

age has made me a more cautious person, which i despise. but it has also protected me from committing foolish acts and mistakes.

so…did i lose or did i gain?

whatever it is, wherever you are now and whoever you are with, i wish you happiness, i wish you love.


it was only a momentary passing and was soon pushed away because there were more important matters at hand.

which was to have a merry christmas. for myself and my friends.


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