it has been barely four months ever since i started work with my present company.

just a mere four months. and i’ve hard gossips/ rumours flying about the sales department about me.

i shrugged the gossips off. what’s there to be done? i can’t control what people say.

and now, an act of sabotage surfaced.

i really don’t understand how this can happen. honestly speaking, i can say without guilt that i’ve been friendly to everyone and even going out of my way occassionally to help my colleagues whenever they requested for it.

so why did this happen?

some of my closer colleagues, who know about the act of sabotage, have actually told me to bring it up to the management…or allow them to do it.

but do i want to blow the matter up? or just shrug it off again as a bad-taste joke?

i don’t want to make a scene. i don’t want to blow the matter up.

but i don’t want my reputation to be smeared as well.

what should i do?

after the initial burst of shock, anger and hurt has passed after discovery of the sabotage act, now all i’m feeling is disappointment, frustration and mayhap, some left-over hurt.

and questions as well.



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