saw II

over the weekend, i caught saw 2 the movie.

i didn’t watch saw 1, so i had no idea what to expect other than people saying that it’s very gruesome.

yes, indeed.

the show is freaking gruesome, lah! body parts, blood and gore. you name it, they have it.

but amidst all the blood and gore, one very important messenge leapt out at me.

it’s what the psycho old man said. (i don’t remember his name…the one who looks deadly pale, sitting in the wheelchair, dying of cancer.)

you ain’t really aware of life until someone puts a deadline on it.

dead-line, literally.

by knowing the finite number of your remaining hours on earth, wouldn’t you make the maximum out of every second you’ve got?

waste not. waste not.

p/s: i didn’t watch saw 1. any kind souls out there who happen to have one to lend me?


this evening, i took some time off for myself, indulging in an activity that i haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy for the longest period of time – being a tv junkie.

i watched the nine o clock channel 8 serial drama. it’s a dancing-related show starring jeanette ou.

not too bad, the show had a few eye candy…presumbly the two male leads. one had infinite boyish charm (jeanette ou’s dancing partner), the other was 101% manly. yummy. i like!

besides eye-balling the two yummy male leads, there was just this one scene that i liked.

just before yoyo (jeanette ou’s character) and boyish cute male lead went out on the stage for their competition, yoyo was worried and anxious as her mother and beloved senior did not turn up. so much so that she was almost in tears.

and you know what the boyish cute male lead did?

he grasped her hands firmly…reassured her that everything will be fine.

initially, she didn’t listen. he told her to look into his eyes…and reassured her once again, planting a kiss on her cheek.

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet right.

how nice it is…to have someone telling you that everything will be alright when you are feeling confused, worried or anxious. someone to make you feel safe and protected from the crazy, mad world out there.

don’t you agree?


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