sobering moment

i met a friend for dinner today. when i saw her, she updated me with the latest news of the blogging circle.

a tomorrow editor, la idler, has passed on.

i was struck dumb.

although i did not know her personally, but the knowledge that death had striked someone so young had a huge impact on me.

she was so young, so vibrant.

she was so full of life, had a lifetime of plans and dreams she has yet to fulfill, had just found love that she has yet to experience to the fullest.

but she had been robbed of all of that.

it was a sobering moment.

i realised that although i’ve always told myself that i have to live life to the fullest, to try to achieve goals and dreams that i have always hoped for…

talk is cheap. the mundane everyday chores have occupied such a large portion of my time that i’ve always pushed back what i wanted to do. because i think: there’s always tomorrow.

taking life for granted should be a crime.

p/s: this post is disjointed. because my thoughts are in a mess. out of this chaos, i only know one thing. it’s time to stop taking life for granted, stop taking time for granted and stop freaking just talk and do nothing about it.


may you rest in peace, sondra. our prayers will be with you.


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