i’ve had enough

i’ve had enough of people who pretend to be your friends but yet stab you in the back when you ain’t looking.

i’ve had enough of people putting on practised masks and pretending to be a real friend.

i’ve had enough of insincere and deceitful people who call themselves my friends.

i’ve had it.

fuck off. i really don’t need this. and don’t pretend you don’t know what i’m talkin about. you know you do.


i know it’s inevitable that we’ve got to put on a mask in our everyday lives when we deal with people from all walks of life.

but doesn’t it get a little too tiring to do that 24/7?

is it necessary to do that even with friends?


4 thoughts on “i’ve had enough

  1. I guess these ppl just feel that they are more impt and more trustworthy than others.. U should pity them cos they are always going to be insecure, always thinking who will going to be stabbing them in the back.. Just ignore them..Take care 🙂

  2. km and jas: thank you..:)

    jf: don’t angry…i didn’t return call to talk cause i was SICK. i lost my voice on sun and mon…i had totally no voice and was on MC leh….mai ah neeeeeeeeeeeiii……

    okieeeeee mai angryyyyyy…

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