surprise surprise!

just as i was about to sleep, i decided to read the blog of one of my friends. surprise surprise… i’ve gotten to know a new piece of information!

to that particular very-nice-guy friend of mine:
i’m really really glad you’re happy now… you are truly a wonderful guy who will make that lucky girl very blissful! cherish what you have.


today i met up with ben for dinner and catching up. it has been a long time since we’ve went out together and i really appreciate the fact that he came out all the way despite still being in the midst of examinations. for reasons (that will not be disclosed), chean joined us too.

there was a feeling of familiarity and warmth. eating and talking hard, we tried to update each other on what is happening in our individual lives as much as possible. it seemed like the old days…or maybe even better.

since it was thursday night, guess what was next on the agenda?

yes, you are right.

it was the place again. with the music.

it felt really good to be listening to them on a thursday, in the middle of the week. it makes working the next day seemed less dreary (although the fact that it’s friday tomorrow does contribute too).

yeah! it’s fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


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