the good o days!

this evening in the midst of my crazy work schedule, i received a sms from mr. ays. now, this mr. ays happens to be one of my hall friends/faculty mate. he requested for my corp. email address which i promptly supplied.

when i returned to my desk and looked through my inbox, i had like 100000000000000 new new emails. (okay lah, i’m being overly-dramatic.) it so happens that mr. ays had taken the trouble to form a email group for all the business/accountancy alumni people from my hall and barely within twenty minutes, there were like thirty over emails!

chatting through email, makes me recall my days in hall fondly. the times that we shared in each other’s room simply doing nothing, cooking in the shared pantry, playing stupid lame-ass games, celebrating all kinds of ridiculous events, cam-whoring and most importantly, the late-night chats that stretched until dawn which we will then trooped down to the nearby coffeeshop for teh/milo-peng and prata.

even in stressful periods such as exam times, little sweet gestures were still not forgotten. i remember waking up on the first days of my exam periods and finding notes that were left by my hall friends and roomie to me. these notes (painstakingly hand-drawn no less) carried with them my hall friends’ good luck wishes to me…

i really miss my hall days…and i would give anything to be able to go through it all over again.

good days really don’t last, do they?

but good friends do!


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