saturday night was a night out with two individual groups of friends, the barflies and the usual gang.

i joined the barflies at our usual watering hole, wala wala for a night of great music by the unexpected, fantastic crowd (the barflies, duh) and of course, of beers. everything was going so smoothly, everyone was having great fun. there were even highlights of the night as kennysia and cowboy were rumoured to be coming to wala wala!

and come did they!

at the risk of sounding like a gushing groupie, i really have to say….it was quite exciting meeting kennysia for the first time. no, no, don’t get me wrong. i’m not excited to meet him because he is famoose… but rather, to see someone whom i’ve been reading about for so long in flesh and blood, right in front of me seemed like a rather interesting prospect!

through reading his blog, i’ve always imagined him to be someone who was always joking around and making merry but after meeting him, observing the way he talks and behaves have allowed me to have a glimpse of who the real kennysia is (or so i believe), rather than just the blog persona. just like any other guy, he’s someone that can be intimidated/shy/gentlemanly.

seeing and meeting faces behind blogs are so much fun when you do it with an open mind!

the next one would definitely be the all-powerful zeus. there was a stir amongst the crowd when he arrived and toasts were made all over the place to him…well-loved by barflies that one is.

unfortunately, i had to leave wala’s early to meet my usual group of friends at dbl o as i have not met up with them for a pretty long time.

it was meant to be a happy reunion.

but it turned out to be a big mistake.

and to speak truthfully, i regretted the fact that i chose to go.


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