virtual insanity: the aftermath.

after such a long long time…i’ve decided it’s time to blog about the hottest, most happening party of this year – virtual insanity.


once upon a time, in a really little tiny island named sillypore, there was a crazy tribe of people who named themselves The Barflies. This tribe is led by the all-powerful Zeus and possesses extremely powderful powerful skills such as crashing servers in a matter of hours and bringing the roof down in pubs.

one fine day, a group of The Barflies had a brainwave. They were going to hold a halloween party and since any parties held by this tribe of people is sure to be one hell of a crazy and happening party, it was aptly named Virtual Insanity.

The venue had to be found and it was to be held at…

Image hosted by


at the auspicious time at 7 p.m., a stream of whacky looking characters began to appear at the doors of coccolatte. it was the strangest mix consisting of vampires, da pimp, devils, witches, moulin rouge ladies and even the most conveted………the convent girl.

words are not enough and you can only view the horror through your own eyes…

Image hosted by

“muahahaha, tis time for you to know my powess…”

Image hosted by

“help, help!!!” cries yanfang (the victim a.k.a doll lah, doh!)

Image hosted by

da sexy, red-hot devil and spacey-looking dude to the rescue!

Image hosted by

not forgetting the convent girl too!

Image hosted by

while da pimp daddy and his moulin rouge ladies watch on in amusement…


what will happen to yanfang? will she be rescued by the unlikely superheros?

stay tuned.


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