cow’s arrows

yes, the second entry today courtesy of cowgoesmoo who had very kindly arrowed me to do this meme, so here goes.


1) If given a choice to decide your birth, where would you choose?
london, i have always wished to be born a londoner. i have no idea why… but i find the british accent damn sexy.

2) If given a choice to meet your 1st friend who will be with you for a lifetime, where will it be?
secondary school. because it’s in secondary school that i went through some of my most difficult times (yes, when i was young and naive) that define my character today. i would want my first life-long friend to know why i’ve become what i am now.

3) If there’s a flight accident & you end up lost somewhere, at the end of the day where you hope u are at?
that’s easy. london!

4) Where you hope you met your 1st love?
on the beach at night. the beach has always been one of my favourite places and i am a night person. just think about the sounds of waves crashing softly againt the sand under the moonlight and the breeze against your faces….hmmm….

5) Where would you want to have your wedding?
in a castle! haha…i’m a hopeless romantic. too many historical romantic novels isn’t very healthy.

6) Where do you hope to enjoy life when you retire?
united kingdom.

7) Everyone will die sooner or later. So given a choice to decide your deathplace, where will you choose?
at home surrounded by family and friends. so that i can say my last goodbyes before i drift away.


i can’t help thinking that this meme is a little morbid so i’m not going to pass it on. why in god’s name are we thinking about where we want to die now?!

sunday blues.


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