missy’s back!

for the past one week or so, i realised i haven’t been myself.

no, i didn’t go through a makeover, nor a personality change.

i don’t really know how to define it because even i myself ain’t too sure what it was. but what i know now and what it matters is that i’ve snapped out of it.

no thanks to me, definitely. all thanks to a friend.

thank you, friend!

and that’s that. with that being put behind, the old missy’s back.

the crazy girl who is addicted to shoe-buying and loves to drink and dance excessively.


but going forward (my manager uses this term excessively, so i think i’m influenced by her), i hope no friendships or potential friendships have been affected in this chain of events. friendships are important to me and i do sincerely treasure each and every friend that i’ve met and made. they are made to last and i hope all of mine will.


yes, and the next most happening thing in town is the virtual insanity halloween party!

it spells a night of crazeeee fun with kinky party-goers all dressed up in whatever different themes that their minds can cook up.

even i have got caught up with all the excitement and has actually gone costume-shopping with the rest of the people.

but i’m not telling you what i’m going as. it’s going to be a surprise.

so how can people miss out on such a gala event?


details can be found here.


i actually had alot of stuff in my head that i wanted to blog about. but it’s almost two in the morning and i’ve got to wake up at six tomorrow for work. my bed is beckoning me.

will be back tomorrow with more. stay tuned!

p/s: eh pk, where is your blog? i want to flood your tagboard! hee hee.


5 thoughts on “missy’s back!

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