trust and faith

after reading through alot of comments about how people feel about trusting other people, i turned around and asked myself the same question.

i’ve always believe that i should not make hasty judgements about people and i’ve tried to keep to this belief by implementing certain ‘rules’ to myself such as to trust people as default, until they’ve proven otherwise.

many people have told me that this is a fool’s way of thinking and that i was exposing myself to much unnecessary risks.

and to that, i used to debuke that they were much too jaded, much too cynical.

and now, maybe i would have to re-think my stand. maybe i was wrong.

maybe i should stop trusting blindly and be more selective about who to trust.

but how the hell am i supposed to know if a person was trustworthy?

i think the model answer to this question would be to base it on your past understanding on this person.

i tried that, it didn’t work. i have friends whom i’ve known for years blabbering my personal matters to third parties. these are the friends whom i used to trust. these are the friends who are blabbering now.

people change. past understanding of a person might not be the best way to judge anymore.

if that doesn’t work, what does?

gut instinct? maybe i should give that a try.



one simple word.

one of a hell complex meaning.

when things around you threatens to fall apart and everything looks uncertain, what do you do?

keep having faith. faith that everything will work out. faith that it will all be fine. faith that you will be fine at the end of it all.

blind faith? maybe.

but i think it beats having none at all.


p/s: maybe this entry doesn’t make sense because i’m just typing directly off my head, i.e. putting whatever that flashes across my mind into words and hence, i might not be coherent.


4 thoughts on “trust and faith

  1. If its any consolation, I trust ppl the same way too..

    But cos some1 betrayed ur trust, doesnt necc mean u have to change ur outlook altogether, but its your decision..

    If theres nothing you can do about the situation, I guess having faith is the (only) way to go.

    All the best..

  2. xue jie!!! don’t worry k??
    I always believed that having faith in others is gd… (otherwise i won’t be a barfly liao lor…)
    But then… well, being credulous isn’t lah… yup…

    So take care wor! Cya again!

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