crazzie girls

i really believe that my girlfriends (a & b) and i have seriously lost our minds. we do the most ridiculous things at the most unexpected time and this weekend was the perfect example of that.

at 1230p.m. in the afternoon on saturday, i received a phone call at my house. this was very surprising to me because i’ve ceased to give out my house phone number a good seven years ago. only a very exclusive few still has my house phone number. *im extremely anal about this.*

ooooh, it was my girlfriends calling to make plans for the day. on the spur of the moment and at b’s suggestion, the order of the day was to get across to j.b. for a shopping and makan trip! yes, it was a last minute decision. so last minute that i panicked because i could not recall where the hell did i leave my passport.

after much frenzied searching, i found my passport in one of my bags and off we go, to the eating paradise at 4p.m.! with b’s wealth of experience in crossing over the causeway, going through the customs were a breeze. no jams, no excessive crowds.

the moment we stepped foot into j.b. we went in search of the most important thing on our minds – food! we decided to make it a quick meal to fuel ourselves with energy for the next most important task and also to leave space for the sinful dinner that we were planning to devour.

a and b both decided upon japanese food and both ordered supposedly spicy dishes. supposedly is used here because when the food was served, it was absoluteeeeeely nowhere near spicy. we also tested the taiwanese style fried chicken pisces but it wasn’t up to standard at all when compared to the singapore shilin’s. so you can imagine how unimpressive it was.

armed with fuel, we were ready to set off onto our shopping expediture. suffice to say, we walked and we walked and we walked…and all three of us managed to bag items! i gave in to temptation and bought yet another pair of heels. a reeeealllly high one.

aching legs does not sit well with us and when we passed by a banner advertising a snow-type of dessert, we trooped to the advertised outlet. the inital plan was to order one and share it between the three of us. however, we could not agree on a common flavour and ended up ordering one each. sometimes i wonder, how can three people so different get along so well with each other? what makes our friendship tick?

oh, i had peanut ice with choc….yum!!!

sinful indulgence calls for more cardio and we set off on our next bout of shopping.

nightfall came quickly and soon, it was time to set off to another destinated place for dinner. the seafood dinner was absooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolutely fantastic. we ordered…lemme see sambal kangkong, crayfish, mussels and a whole lot of food. even the uncle who took our orders was amazed by the number of dishes the three of us ordered. he was secretly laughing okieeeeeeee…

fast-forwarding to our return onto singapore shores, we decided (on a last minute spur again!) that it’s time for someeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dancing action. guess where did we head to?

no prizes for guessing it.

yes! dbl o!

since it was totally unprepared for…and it’s a sin to go there with such degree of unpreparedness. we decided to perform stunts on the bus. stunts that i am not going to tell you about. stunts that i will never ever forget!

let’s just say that…we transformed our looks…

we reached dbl o late…say around 1.30a.m. so there was no time to lose. it was hit-and-run at the bar. fast and furious….and off to the dance floor we went.

another typical day in the life of missy.


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