a little piece of oasis

it’s friday night and i have a date with a group of crazy people at our little piece of oasis.

boardgames were the order of the day…taboo, pictionary and bell-ringing games were some the choices on the menu!

describing the night would be long-winded and draggy… but there were some moments or some interesting facts that i remembered!

1. never try to play a trading-cards game with these people. the noise that we (6 people) made was equivalent to that of 50 people. no joke!

2. when playing taboo, close your eyes to avoid distractions from the “opposing” team. however, if you want to see dancing pillows or funny hand actions, there are aplenty…especially in front of the person describing the word.

3. some people realllyyyyy cannot play taboo. heehee.

4. do not play “zhong ji mi ma” using glasses of rootbeer as gambling stake. it’s even worse than alcohol with all that sugar and gas!


it was a totally fun night, perfect after a working week. my only complaint was that i had to leave before it ended…


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