saturday morning

i got convinced by a few very important people that i should absolutely go for the mahjung outing with the barflies. so at eleven i woke up (which is freaking early for a saturday morning okay) to prepare to start on the extremely long journey to a certain eastern part of singapore to pt’s house.

there were a few new faces. faces that i’ve never seen before, people that i’ve never met before. although new, they were definitely friendly faces.

pt mentioned that he took a leap of faith in meeting people from the bar and he was not disappointed. neither am i! i’m glad i went… the loss of beauty sleep was worth it.

saturday afternoon

reaching pt’s house, we met his sweet wifey. she’s one warm and gracious host, i tell you. imagine a whole troop of strangers coming into your new and clean house…only to mess it up in a matter of minutes! and she took it all in stride, cheerfully with a smile on her face. how many women can do that???!!

fantastic hosts we had…and soon the mahjung wars were in progress. okay lah, to use the word “war” is more apt in the guys’ game. the girls were laughing and talking more than playing, i think, judging from the noise that we made.

and by the way, what’s wrong with alcohol in the afternoon?!?!?!

saturday night

after mahjung, we trooped to roxy square for steamboat. yay! i love steamboat! i think we really ate quite alot? did we did we??

i left slightly earlier to meet the girls for our dose of dbl o. although clubbing is supposed to make missy happy, the night didn’t went quite as expected. suffice to say, it ended on a unhappy note for me and thrown me into a state of confusion and unstability again.


sometimes i do wonder, what is it that holds people together?

and is there really such a thing called friends forever?

out of my girls, i’ve always been regconised as been the strongest emotionally because i do not allow my heart to rule my head, always forcing myself to be rational and logical.

but even the strongest person can lose control.


damn it! i need to stop being so non-sensical and find my rational self back! everyone, start looking now!



9 thoughts on “untitled.

  1. hahaha, it’s not supposed to be a one-liner lah. i wanted to type my post after typing the title..but i accidentally hit “enter” instead, then the blogspot went to publish it WITHOUT any content.

    when i tried to add in contents, my computer hanged. that’s why! content coming soon!!! :p

  2. lol… how to help you search for something that is not really there in the first place? sometimes being naturally you is better den trying to mould yourself into who you wanna be…

    p.s dun so alcoholic lehz… ur blog entry always (at least 80%) got something to do wif alcohol… lol

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