Whining. Just pure whining.


the day of shopping.

the freaking day of shopping where i ended up with nothing. (yes, you’ve seen right. i ended up with nothing to show for after one whole day of shopping. what the hell!!)

and that’s not all, one of the swing girls is actually on-par with me in the department of shoe-shopping. my highest record is three pairs at one go and she actually performed the same feat yesterday! i can’t believe it.

let’s see if i can best that record anytime soon… i’ll be sure to let all of you know! wahaha!

i’m a shoe-crazed woman.

that aside, i still need to buy clothes! people who can shop on weekDAYS are welcome to contact me anytime for shopping sprees and such.

i do not appreciate crowds during my shopping trips.


wala was still a smash on saturday and i got to meet even more people.

shirlyn was great as usual…and even some of the swing girls were impressed with her powerful vocals.


i like staying up late because sometimes, i feel comforted by absolute silence and stillness. this is when my thoughts can flow freely and un-interrupted.

on the way home in a cab earlier, i met a sociable taxi-driver who chatted with me the moment i got onto the cab. he told me about his family which consisted of him, his wife and their three children (one boy, two girls). he then carried on to ask about my family and the conversation went something like this…

taxi-uncle: so you the only child?

me: no. i got siblings.

taxi uncle: got korkor (elder brother) or didi (younger brother)?

me: no. i got a meimei (younger sister).

taxi uncle: huh? two girls ah?

me: yah.

taxi uncle: aiyo… (in the pity-ing sort of tone). jialat lah, like dat.

me: why?

taxi uncle: no son leh… next time marry out already how?

me: no lah, i will still take care of my parents one.

taxi uncle: wahhhh, like that you must warn your future husband you know.

me: warn him what thing?

taxi uncle: warn him that you must take care of your family lah. you know huh, chinese tradition is girl marry out already then must obey husband and take care of husband’s side of the family, you know.

me: *starting to feel a little irritated* no lah, now what era already…. girl also can take care of her own family what.

taxi uncle: *slightly agitated tone* no, no!! we are chinese, you know. no matter how westernized we become, we will always still have some chinese conservative thinking one. it’s in our DNA. and people are made up of DNA right? so we will always have this type of traditional thinking, no matter what.

me: *thinks what the fuck?* orh… *lazy to argue. the man is freaking driving me can. i value my life.*

taxi uncle: *apparently not catching my un-interested tone* wah, you 22 right? same as my son. what you doing now? studying or working?

me: just graduated.

taxi uncle: wah, so smart ah! but hor, girl so smart for what? like my daughter in XXX school (some top school in singapore) also. study until so hard, results very good. but for what? no use one lah. girl study so much no use one.

me: *very, very annoyed but still in a polite tone* orh, i’m sure your son is very smart as well… don’t worry.

taxi uncle: no lah, my son diploma only leh…

me: diploma also good what!

taxi uncle: oh ya loh, he diploma in chemical engineering one. come out pay sure very good. maybe got like 2.2k.

me: oh, ya loh, so good what.

taxi uncle: ya. he now in ns.. coming out in october. you also 83 one right? since you think he good, i introduce you to him okay?

me: *speechless* err, uncle i reach le. stop in front can. thank you. *jumps out of the cab as fast as i can.*

what the fuck?!

there’s are some very inherently wrong stuff in this conversation.




4. WHY THIS UNCLE NO LOGIC ONE?!?! he say his son not as smart as his daughter, then he say his son very good because he study chemical engineering. contradicting?!

5. WHY THIS UNCLE SO FUNNY ONE?!?!!? wah lao eh, i’m paying for your driving services, not match making okay. tmd.


too many crazy people on the loose.


5 thoughts on “Whining. Just pure whining.

  1. Wahaha! when i read this entry, i cudnt stop laughing! So funnie lah u! I have weird MRT encounters n YOU have weird CAB encounters. Kewl! Swing Girls have interesting lives. haha!

    n i presume that certain swing girl who is on par w u on shoe shopping is ME? wahahah! Kewl man. But anyway not a very good thing top set a record on unless yu have loads of money! which i dun..n im freaking broke now.

  2. Hohoho! I juz went china square for lunch during office lunch hour! But i dunno if i saw Shoe Loft. But I did see many very pretty shoes! But i all cannot buy.=( But i see oso shuang! hehe!

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