Swing girls reunion

yesterday was the day that all the swing girls met up again.

the ktv session was, ermm, noisy and ridiculous as usual because we sang weird songs… weird songs meaning super retro songs by don’t-know-who (contributed mostly by charline dearie), male singers’ songs (contributed by everybody) and bimbo songs (contributed mainly by fiona sweets).

it’s always alot of fun to ktv with my swing girls. we sing out of pitch, out of tune, jump around on the sofas, eat ridiculous food and talk busily to update each other on what’s going on in our lives. updating is a nicer term for complaining and bitching lah!

oh and how can i forget cam-whoring. with JL around, there will definitely be bouts of photo taking. yeah, we like taking pictures! we are damn zi lian* but we do not give a damn about what you think of it.

out of the six swing girls, two of them were sick… but even then, they came for the outing! sooooooooo nice right! *huggies* please take care and recover soon, ade and fiona! load up on the vit c!

yes, a happy night it was. only marred by the knowledge of what i have to do today.


i’ve finally done it. i’ve said what i’ve been meaning to say.

although i’ve tried to come up with a million ways to put it across to him, everything was forgotten when the moment of truth came.

i just said it in the most direct way…although i did stumble over my words very so frequently.

not to mention, rumbling nonsense in a crazy manner.

if he ever reads this:

i think i’m better at expressing myself in words than speech, so here goes.

i’m sorry and i feel horribly guilty. i’m sorry if i caused pain and i really never meant to do so. i will always value you as my friend and i hope u feel likewise. you will always have my best wishes…


on a more annoyed note, i hate financial planners. can they just stop calling and bugging me?! how did they even get my handphone number in the first place?

what the fuck.



3 thoughts on “Swing girls reunion

  1. Letting him noe is always infinitely betta den letting it drag and make you n eventually him akward and uncomfortable and even more hurt feelings… no one is in the wrong mahz… damn irritated at work~! and no more outing for me to vent it summore… argh~!

  2. Hey babe! My cold is gone!!! ^-^

    oh ya, i agree with Eliz, he deserves ur honesty. U’re a brave gal!!! *hug* we support u!! Coz we are the swing gals!!! Wahoo~!

    n dear liz.. wad no more outting.. saturday shopping leh? I don’t mind sitting down somewhere just listening to you bitch. (coz its hard to bitch when u looking at nice clothes etc. lolz….

    women.. tsk tsk. haha)

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