It’s time

it’s time. it’s time to tell him how i feel. it’s time to tell him that it’s impossible between us.

there is just no chemistry.

i’m sorry… and please believe me when i say that i really do not want to hurt you. i know it might sound unreasonable… but i really treasure you as a friend and do not want to lose you as a friend.

can someone please teach me how to fucking say it and still reduce the damage to a minimum??? i’ve set my heart on telling but i do not know how to say the words.



on a lighter note, wala wala was a smash! the music, the people and *ahem* the alcohol.

the live band was great and i was particularly impressed by the female lead singer… her voice is like woah!. the company was fantastic with three tables of barflies. gosh, they’re really a group of crazy and fun people!! one of the barfly’s birthday was approached and he was kena hooted like nobody’s business… he even went up to the stage and rendered the audience with a britney spears’s performance!

happy birthday KM!!!

i wonder who will it be the next time…


after wala-ing, i made my way down to dbl o and met up with marcus, jr, eddie and albert. it was eddie’s and albert’s birthdays and birthdays only meant one thing…

both of them was arrowed like crazy! they both down (let’s see…) a waterfall, graveyard, some special mix with seven types of housepours mixed with beer and b151.

the result?

eddie passed out. cold.

albert didn’t and that’s because he didn’t try to hold it down…really. (if you get what i mean).

i’m impressed man. seriously, i think i definitely wont be able to hold all of these down.

happy birthday eddie and albert!

eddie: hope u had a memorable birthday!! i definitely did!


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