Unexpected weekend

this entry is post-dated again. i can’t seem to get the lazy-wormie out of me. so there.

oh, and if i forgot to mention, it’s gonna be a totally juvenile entry. i need to whine. haha.


i think it was a saturday that i wanted to just slack at home and be a tv junkie but it just wasn’t meant to be. at six, my msn and handphone went into a frenzied state with furiously blinking orange lights and irritating ringtones.

yeah, i was to go meet up with my buddies for dinner and we were supposed to plan our after-dinner-activity during dinner. off i went.

our trio has always been infamous for being late. this time was no exception. by the time all of us arrived, it was nearly ten. after a really slow dinner, we decided to adjourn to our usual sat-nite haunt – dbl o.

maybe it wasn’t really a very good idea because i had just a little too much to drink…and you know what happens to people who get too drunk. i shan’t go into details here least any of my family members ever read this.


sunday was the last day of the fireworks performance. i had made a promise. a promise that requires me to haul my tired and drunk ass down to the freaking marina south to watch the dumb fireworks. seriously, fireworks do NOT interest me. yes, they’re beautiful. yes, they’re magnificant. but nothing, i repeat, NOTHING is worth the trip there and back.

it was fucking crowded, hot and dirty with my rude fellow citizens pushing and shoving like they were running from unseen disaster. i could see civilians ranting at the top of their voices at the operational personnel (saf, i believe) in open, public faces. and the best thing is, the civilians were AT fault. the only thought that i had when i witnessed the scene was…”wah lao eh, you wrong still want to scold these people who are just doing their job? get lost la. arg.”

when we were trying to get out after the fireworks show, we wasted like two hours trying to get out of marina south. what the fuck?! this is NOT my idea of fun, okay? just because of a promise i landed myself in this nonsensical situation.

my complains must have been heard by some superior being out there because he sent me a saviour – my cousin who offered to fetch me from where i was even though the roads were blocked. don’t ask me how, i have no freaking idea. he just managed.

it was one of the few times i was relieved to be going home, at last.

i’m never going to such events again. urgh!


monday! i finally managed to watch the highly sought after movie – charlie and the choc factory! i was all keyed-up and excited, after all, i have waited in anticipation for this movie for more than 3 months.

i won’t say it’s a disappointment, but it kinda felt weird. the movie was somehow wrong…the way the characters were portrayed, how the storybook was interpreted and how the director tried to edit and merge two books into one single movie.

it just felt…wrong.

but the movie was still enjoyable with its vivid settings and watching it with a good friend definitely helped heaps.

somehow, i foresee this week to be packed. at least until friday.



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