Convent daze (Part I)

A mini-series about convent life. my convent life.

tonight i’m in a blogging mood. a blogging-about-my-past-experiences-mood.

i spent ten freaking years of my life in a convent, six years in primary and four in secondary. what you read below applies mostly to the secondary school days because in primary school, we were all cute, little, naive and innocent school girls.

once we hit thirteen, these cute, little, naive and innocent little convent girls vanished and were promptly replaced by bitches-in-training. with that came along a whole set of new rules which we had to play by in order to survive our four absolutely amazing years. ah, the survival handbook of the convent.

convent girls (not sure if it applies to all convent schools since this is based entirely on personal experience) can generally be categorized into 4 broad categories which are the nerds, the ah-lians, the “crooked” crowd and the still-trying-to figure-out-where-they-below-to people. let’s go into each of these types in slightly greater details.

the nerds

the nerds are the group of convent girls who normally have below-the-knees-length convent pinafores and blouses which are buttoned up alll the entire way. yes, to the choking point at the throat no less. they usually carry enormous schoolbags due to the many many textbooks they have to bring home to study each day, join ecas such as library or gardening and go home right after school to survive strict curfews set by parents. as they progress from lower to upper secondary levels, this group of girls usually are made monitoresses and prefects who are sworn to “uphold” rules and regulations in school. why “uphold”? you’ll see later.

it’s easy to gain access to become part of this group. they are one big happy family, more than ready to welcome newcomers with a great big smile and science discussions.

the ah-lians

another very distinguished group in a convent would be the ah-lians. in case you’re wondering (which i’m sure most of you are not), ah-lian is the singaporean equivalent of ermm female gangster. this group of girls have can easily be identified through five major characteristics.

1. Very very short pinafore. i think, the shorter the length, the more high ranking the ah-lian is in her group. i said i think.

2. wide open blouse collar. unlike the nerds, ah-lians usually leave the top (or maybe top two) buttons of their blouses undone to create a fashionable V neck look. it’s more “in” whattttttt.

3. super tight belts placed super high on waists. i’m not too sure what does this do…maybe it’s done to give the impression that they have very good figures? what i do know is, low-waisted definitely hasn’t hit the singapore fashion scene in a big way yet, then.

4. super super high socks (all the way to the knees, man). no idea why too but seriously, keeping these high socks in place is definitely a pain in the ass. you know how many socks one has to get through to keep it tight enough to be worn soooo high?!

5. comb with long sharp end. ah-lians are very, very concerned about their image. they have to ensure that their hair is in its place at allll times and therefore, a comb is very important. mind you, not any-old comb okayyy. it must be one with a long sharp end that will poke itself out of the pinafore pocket. i think it serves as some symbolic item of the ah-lian sisterhood.

ah-lians usually form their own groups very quickly and stay extremely bonded/united together. hence, it is not easy to break into one of their groups as they can be incredibly bitchy about everyone outside of the sisterhood.

to know more about the other categories, stay tuned for the second part which will come….whenever i’m in a blogging mood again.

disclaimer: the above mentioned is entirely fictional. just in case, you know. i can’t afford a lawyer.


5 thoughts on “Convent daze (Part I)

  1. whaha… haha… u sure in the mood to blog sia… damn entertaining read… shall do something similiar in my blog abt co-ed schools… but like not much diff mahz… and how can u not b sure abt the info on ah lians? aren’t u one when u were in the school?? lol… aniwaei do noe my blog comment part is not working… shiqiang cannot seem to fix it… will nag at him again to do something abt it… hehe…
    glad to noe that you are in a blogging mood again… gimme more entertainmemt when i wan to slack in the office… sooooo WRITE MORE~!
    P.S tink i might get to invigilate if i’m lucky… haha… and now they haf some cool barcode scanner to take attendamce,,, damn high tech sia~!

  2. eeeeeehh shhh u’re not supposed to say im ah-lian!! hahaha..

    i want to invigilate tooooo… i want to see their anxious faces… then i can secretly be glad that my schooling days are over..haha! *evil missy*

  3. I’m from St Nicks and I entirely disagree.

    The Ah Lians from my time (I graduated 2 years ago) have super low and loose belts and it was the nerds who have the high tight belts instead.

    And I have not seen high socks in ages. The “cool” thing was wearing ankle socks, “cool” because it was simply not allowed.

    And the sharp comb thing I also did not see.

    But the observation of the nerds being friendly and welcoming was accurate. And that’s what I like the most about them 🙂

  4. yar… i tink wat missy-j’s era considered cool in their secondary years is much closer to wat we considered cool in our college days… i can rem that in jc ankle socks was all the rage… and everyone esp the guys wore their bottoms damn low… haha

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