Lousy day

today was a lousy day, most part of it that is.

i was scheduled to have a job interview today, so off i went with speedy heartbeat and all at late noon. after travelling, much waiting and filling up what seemed like a zillion forms, i was finally interviewed by two lovely HR ladies.

it all lasted but for fifteen minutes.

when i emerged from the company, i felt depressed. i felt that i had performed badly at the interview – where it most mattered.

maybe it was the fact that i think i performed badly, maybe it is the stress of job-hunting but i began to fall into a depression rut. i didn’t know what to do and going home with that appalling mood was a no-no, so i walked around aimlessly for one-and-a-freaking-half hour. most of that time, my mind was a blank. i didn’t even realised i had walked around for so long until someone banged into me and my gaze swept across his watch.

i tried to stem my depression and what did i do? i went shopping!!!

now i know why they call it retail therapy. okay okay, stop reading and shaking your head like that. i didn’t spurge….alot. i just bought someeeee things okay.

after exiting from the Xth shop, my feet finally began to stage their protest and back home i went.

like any other night, i logged on immediately (talk about a PC addict…) and changed my msn messenge. within ten minutes, quite a number of my friends msn-ed me offering their comforting words and encourgement. then, a thought struck me.

why the hell am i feeling sorry for myself when there are so many friends around me who are showering me with their concern? it’s ridiculous! i’m ridiculous!

i can’t say i stopped feeling depressed immediately but i definitely feel much better. thanks to these wonderful folks. thank you.

oh! charlie and the choc factory opens TODAY. yes! today! i’m soooooo bloody excited! i’ve been waiting with halted breath for two months for this movie and it’s here finalllyyyyyyy. i think i’m going to dream of it tonight. yippee!

be*witched opens on 9th august, anyone want to catch it? (Especially the swings girls… do let me know if you girls wanna catch it together okay?)


One thought on “Lousy day

  1. haha… aiyoh… i tink u worrywart lar… scarl u get the job den u depressed for nothing… but reaqtil therapy sounds damn shuang lar… wonders how many things = some in ur dictionary… haha… i wan go shopping too~! damn broke… sunday still got dim sum dollies… haha… hope pay come soon… i wan watch b*witched too… Nicloe Kidman lehz… take u up on ur offer… u go arrange wif the rest… lol… i wan watch Willie Wonka too~! (noticed that i said that without charlie… haha)
    let’s go watch movies~!!!–>

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