ridiculous night

it’s 7.51am. no, i didn’t wake up early. i haven’t even slept yet and i just came back home. my gawdddddddddddddddddddd….

last night started at eleven when i met bangli at tiong bahru to go dbl o. lychee martini and tequila shots were the order of the day (or rather, night i suppose) and until now, my stomach still feels weird. damn it. the partying ended at 4am. we all then settle for supper at the nearby food stalls.

duch who which smartttt aleck.. give a smarrrrt idea to go changi beach. still feeling tipsy and not being able to think sensibly, i actually agreed to go!

there we were… all 5 of us (me, angel, lili, jr,ziquan). sitting by changi beach. for 2 freaking hours doing absolutely nothing. maybe except talking and guessing lame jokes ziquan came up with.

7am, we finally came to our senses (or maybe, the sleeping in a comfortable bed urge became toooo strong). we started on our journey back home. the cab driver was loud, whiny and drove like an initial d driver. i think i’m quite lucky to reach home safely in one complete piece.

i was quite scared that my dad would have woken up by the time i got back… with heart thumping during the entire lift journey, i was damn relieved to see my dad still sleeping lah! if not, there will be hell to pay…okay, that’s kind of like an overstatement, but i know i will get niam-ed at alot if he sees me coming back in the freaking morning!

lady luck was with me.. and i managed to escape (i think…). let’s hope my mom would be smart enough not to tell my dad.

see? single girls are crazy. especially us. no wonder we’re single, lah!


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