what’s the problem?

i know i might be one of the latest to the party, but seriously, what’s the big deal over the nkf issue?

alot of singaporeans have mentioned that they feel cheated and betrayed over the supposedly “mis-use” of the donation funds. their definition of “mis-use” apparantly consists of gold-plated taps in toilets, 12-months bonuses and a six figure annual salary. although i do agree that gold-plated taps in toilets are a little over-the-top (seriously, what difference does gold or non-gold plated taps make?!), i really do not see anything wrong with the high pay or attractive bonuses.

charity is tough business. normal companies that are asking consumers to pay for the products or services that they produce or provide already find it very challenging to survive in this competitive environment, what more charity when the organisation is asking people to pay for nothing in exchange (except maybe a good feeling that they’ve done something kind). and it’s not like charities have a comfortable environment either. with so many charity organisations holding fund-raising activities, there exists really stiff competition for each and every donation dollar.

the only way to survive and survive well in this tough environment means that charity organisations must attract top talents to help them in this endeavour. top talents do not come cheap, you know.

i know what you’re going to say. “if these people work for a charity organisation, they should do it partially out of the kindess of their hearts and ask for minimum monetary rewards.” seriously, what nonsense. if you want people to put in their best efforts continuously on a long-term basis, you will need to give them enough incentive and we all know that monetary reward is one of the best incentive, no?

my logic is simple… perhaps overly simplified..but i think it makes economical sense.

attract high level of donations amist very competitive environment > need to employ effective marketing tactics > which can be provided for by top talents > need to attract and retain top talents through incentives > ensure top performance by reward system.

see? so what’s the bloody big deal.


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