indifference or anger?

if i were to let you choose… would you rather your friend be indifferent to you and what you are doing or be angry/upset with you?

personally, i would rather my friend be angry and upset with me. because when she feels angry and upset with me, i know that she cares about me. cares enough to feel so strongly for me.

i’m no stranger to anger and sadness. i know it takes up alot of energy when one is experiencing these emotions. who would expend this kind of energy for someone whom they do not care about?

to my friend: as i witness you making a big fucking mess out of your life whilst i can only stand-by helplessly, i feel useless. i do not want to see you sink again. because every time you do, i do not know if im strong enough, whether im confident enough to help you up to your feet or whether i would still be around you to help you at all.

too much uncertainties, too risk adverse = frustration.

i can only pray. for you, my friend.


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