london blasts

my heart feels heavy.

for the past week, i’ve avoided listening or watching to any news or information regarding the london blasts. london has always been one of my favourite cities and to see it go through such vicious attacks makes my heart heavy, so i wanted to avoid. typical of me, i suppose, to try to avoid things that i do not want or cannot face.

today, i finally could not make myself turn away from the full-length feature on the london blast in the straits times. i’m disgusted, i’m angry and i want to shout.

what the fuck were those terrorists thinking of?! does senseless killings of innocent people fuel their perverse minds? these people were innocent. these people had hopes and dreams for the future that they had not yet achieved. there people had people that loved them dearly. these people’s lives were precious.

so what the hell were you thinking of? if you want to make a statement of your fucking presence, there is no need to kill so many people. if you want do die, then fucking do it alone and not drag so many people with you.

i’m not a christian. i’m not a buddhist nor do i belong to any other religion. but i do sincerely hope that these terrorists may not find peace in death and be haunted by the cries and curses that are been uttered against them by the global community.

the people of london has shown great strength, not allowing terrorism to fall them to their knees. they are united in grief, in disgust and in strength.


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