Swan Lake by Royal Ballet

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Once upon a time, tucked in a little corner of Singapore, there has been this little girl. With the luxury of youth spread before her, this little girl pursued many interests and one of which is reading. One day, she accompanied her aunt to a faraway and deserted area to see a well-known chinese physician and they had to wait in queue for the entire day. Knowing that children became restless when asked to wait, this little girl’s aunt went to the extremely deserted bookstore next to the chinese-physician’s unit and glanced around, intending to get a storybook for the little girl. She picked up a series titled Drina.

Drina is a series of storybooks written about how a girl struggled and fought her way to achieve her dream of being a great ballerina. Scattered throughout the book were real facts such as various productions of ballet and ballet music and the author too managed to portray realistic everyday-life stories about people training to become professional ballet dancers – their hopes and fears, their sense of achievements or failure.

Perhaps it was due to the excellent writing by the author, or perhaps it was being able to identify with another young girl, this little girl was entirely captured by Drina. She read this series of storybooks over and over again, even when she knew the story by heart. Loving one with the other, this little girl gradually begins her fascination with ballet and starts to yearn for the day when she can go to Covent Garden.

Time passed quickly and this little girl has slowly began to blossom into her adulthood. Adults are meant to be sensible, realistic and down-to-earth but this girl still cherished her childish dreams but knowing that they would not come true, at least for now.

One day, someone called her. That someone asked if she wanted to watch Swan Lake, a classical ballet production by The Royal Ballet, no less. Her heart lurched. Swan Lake! One of the classical ballet pieces that she had read about, had yearned to see and now, it was coming to life in reality!

That evening, she was excited and joyful. When the curtains swooshed open to reveal Act I, she was captured and enchanted by everything she saw. The beautiful artistic settings, rapturing music and most of all, the ballerinas held her captured.

It was like a dream come true.

When the curtains fell and the performance ended, this little girl felt like a sense of disappointment. It was over. However, this is not the end. It was the beginning. The beginning to greater passion for ballet, the beginning of a strengthening resolve to immerse herself within it’s arms again.

Ballet for her is not a matter of understanding, but of feeling.

To that particular someone:
Thank you for bringing me to watch Swan Lake. You would never know how much it meant to me.


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