Hongkong, here I come!

L ast week was a crazy week. It was dbl O and Madam Wongs on Wed, CoccoLatte on Friday and dbl O again on Sat. I think I’ve most enjoyed the Saturday session becaue it was only then that I really had the courage to “de-stress” and…get drunk. Although I was not sober during more than 80% of the entire session, I’ve heard too many stories about it. Anyway, that would be a story meant for another day when the mood strikes.

Today, in fact about 4 hrs later, I would be flying to Hongkong! I’m so excited and all psyched up about it. Yes, so excited that I couldn’t sleep. Thus explaining the ungodly hour that I’m now blogging at. Furthermore, my Centaur friends just gave me my belated birthday pressie which is…….. the Ipod Shuffle with a supposedly bimbotic skin (as quoted by Yongjun). But seriously, Apple products ain’t user-friendly at all *personal opinion only*. I encountered so many problems during the installation that I’ve had to surf forums just to troubleshoot the entire process. Thankfully, after struggling with it for 3 hours…*yes, 3 hrs, no less* , I finally got it up and running! Really, I wanna say a great thank you to Yong Jun, Chean, Dazzie and Cozi for the fantastic present… *Many many huggiezz*

Besides getting my birthday pressie, I also managed to meet up with Angel and LiLi for dinner. Yes, although I’m only going to Hongkong for 5 short days, I still wanted to eat dinner with them before I go… It just felt right. And dinner was sooooo awesome, despite the not-very-fabulous food we had at Big-O, just because all 3 of us were there. I had a nice, warm feeling throughout the night. I love them. Seriously.

There was another event which made my day perfect… but it shall remain un-revealed for now because….simply because.

Signing off to Hongkong,


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