Late Nights

Double O on Saturday, Zouk Mambo on Wednesday. My gosh, I’ve clubbed consecutively twice in a week! Although this is not new for me, but it has been a long long time since I’ve performed this feat. I must perform it more often, when I’m still relatively young and able to sustain this type of lifestyle before my joints starts complaining of old age and stiffness.

Double O was with my close galfriends and 2 other male friends, M and J. M is a guy that I’ve gotten to know a zillion years ago (Okay, that’s realistically impossible…but you get the idea.) Our relationship is one similar to a brother-sister relationship. J is a different story. I don’t remember when or how I’ve gotten to know this guy but I have to say… he is really one NICE guy, no joke. Adjectives to describe him include quiet, gentlemanly (in actions, he sometimes talk nonsense just to tease/irritate you.), sensible and mature. At least this is what I’ve gathered from what I know of him to date. Double O night was really fun, with good music and a relatively more happening crowd. After housepours and 5 rounds of shots, things started looking reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally good. *grinz*

Zouk Mambo. Believe it or not, tonight was my first night at Zouk on a Wednesday night. The vast amount of clubbers were vasttttt and by god, I think at least 60% of them can be considered pretty cute. Or was that the effect of the wine I had before going down…? Anyway, it was fun although the music could be better.

Clubbing. I like. (Effect of Star Wars III, Master Yoda.)


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