A chapter closing

After spending 1095 days in Nanyang Technological University, I’ve finally been released into the real world. However, this also brings about my departure from my second home, my hall.

Leaving hall is not, by any means, an easy task for me because it would mean leaving my friends and part of my life behind me. What will be left…will only be memories. Memories of birthday celebrations, late-night suppers of pratas and milo-pengs, gossip or talk-nonsense sessions overnight, orientations, dinner-and-dance(s), hall events….and many many more. Some of these memories were sweet, some touching, some slightly irritating and some sad. Good or bad, happy or sad, I cherish them all because they will be my only keepsakes for my hostelite time.

Thinking about birthday celebrations and hall orientations makes me think of our “beloved” Nanyang Lake. Passed down from generation to generation, it has always been a Hall Four tradition to throw people into Nanyang Lake on their birthdays. I have absolutely no idea what it symbolises, but I guess we just wanna cook up any crappy reason to dump the victim in there. As a result, as long as a large number of hall four people are gathered together and once someone shouts “Drown XXX”, in XXX go into Nanyang Lake…into the murky waters…together with the turtles and fishes. Don’t think girls are spared from this tradition, I personally have been dumped into that disgusting place for… three times? Or was it four…? It had been one wet and chilly affair!!!

Okay, enough of the gross details for now! Hall life, aside from the grime-y side, also has its glam and glamourous aspect. Presenting our… annual Dinner and Dance affair! D&D, the time to get all dressed up and look absoooooluuteeeelyyyyy stunning (Or at least, I try my best to)! Preparation for D&D starts like one month before the actual event. It begins with intensive shopping for the purrrfect outfit, then followed by hair styling and make-up on the actual day. Oooh-lala! Everyone transformed into handsome dudes and beautiful babes for that one night, just like Cinderella…

But, don’t be deceived. Hall life is not a bed of roses, or lilis for that matter. It also has its darker side which manifests itself as the damned hall politics. Although a hall is a small community of having only slightly over 500 residents and 4 major committees, hall politics is as commonplace as office politics. Strife, power struggles and disagreements take place in and among halls. Being in one of the major committee myself, I can see it taking place…firsthand. As much as I would love to keep myself out of the firing range, it’s something that would embroil you in it, whether you want it anot. You can run, but you can’t hide. Fortunately, my fellow hostelites (most of them, anyway) are able to separate work and play issues. Negative sentiments are generally do not affect our friendship with each other on a personal basis. Most of the time.

Now that I’ve left hall, I’m still trying to adjust myself to living at home. Thank you, Hall Four, for giving me a priceless experience which I would carry with me all my life.

*Wanted to post pictures of my D&D dresses but I realised all my D&D picture all half bodied one!! Cannot see the outfits. Don’t post le! =(


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