I have been missing in action for the longest period of time ever since the time when I was trying to finish my FYP. A long time has passed since then and many memorable events had taken place. Being extremely busy (and ermm a little lazy), I did not happen to blog about all these events and some of them have become quite hazy already. Anyway, some of the more memorable happenings are my outings with my marketing friends a.k.a The Swing Girls, catching up with old buddies and friends from my past and not to mention, my hall friends.

The Swing Girls

The story of The Swings Girls started as an accident, really. A group of marketing girls met in class and, by some strange twist of fate, managed to bond together as they worked on the final killer module of the marketing course – Gobal Marketing Strategy (GMS). Tough coursework coupled with an even tougher professor, Ian McGovern, made each and every of our GMS projects nerve-wrecking. As a result, the group really gave it their all while working on these projects. Long discussions, heated discussions and late nights were part and parcel and somehow, we managed to scrape through every presentation. After the final huge-scale project, celebrations were in order.

We overate, over-talked, over-sang and were definitely over-ly high with our Japanese buffets, KTV session and watching a midnight movie called The Swing Girls. Henceforth, we’ve decided to name ourselves just that. After a night of euphoric fun, subsequent outings are most definitely in order!

To date, our outings included food feasts (Hey, don’t judge us! Eating is THE top national pastime, ya know?!), KTV sessions (and this is the SECOND) and pubbing/clubbing sessions! I always felt particularly excited before each of these outings and so far, they have not disappointed me. I always felt a kind of high after every session.

Now that we have graduated, I know that things will change. People start to get busy once settled into their working lives and it becomes really difficult to arrange to meet up. Too busy, not enough effort made are only some of the reasons why we might all go our separate ways… but I will not stop hoping and wishing that this ring of friendships can stand the test of time and trials.

Good luck to The Swing Girls in all your future undertakings. May God bless!


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